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Voice Authorizations
Visa, Mastercard & Discover
American Express

Please follow these procedures when calling for a voice authorization:
  1. Have the following information ready to give to the operator:
    • Your merchant identification number (enter your 8 digit number)
    • Cardholder account number
    • Dollar amount of the sale
    • Card expiration date
  2. Call the appropriate Voice Authorization Center.
  3. The operator will respond with an authorization number. Record this number and the credit card # on the sales draft, or enter it into the terminal (refer to your Quick Reference Guide for proper procedures).
  4. Obtain a manual imprint of the card on the sales draft and have the customer sign (if you do not have a terminal that produces a slip for signature).
  5. If you obtained a voice authorization due to terminal malfunctions, hold all drafts until your replacement terminal arrives, then enter all transactions using the off-line function key (refer to your Quick Reference Guide for proper procedures).
You will find a voice authorization sticker in your start-up kit that includes the telephone number to call and your merchant number. If you have any questions regarding this procedure or experience any difficulties, please call Central Payment’s Customer and Technical Support Center at any time