The Point of Sale, Reinvented
Simple but powerful, RiO looks good on any business countertop.


Simple to Use
Use RiO’s clean and intuitive interface to take payments, accept electronic signatures, email receipts, track customer sales, and manage inventory. With just a few taps, it’s simple to add inventory, change pricing, create discounts, email receipts, and hold transactions.

RiO connects to the Internet through your WiFi or Ethernet connection. Updates are a snap and all your transaction information is accessible securely through your mobile or desktop browser.


Enter, Choose, or Scan a Product
Creating a sale is easy with RiO. Just choose a product from your pre-built inventory, scan a product barcode or manually enter an amount.

Saved Orders
RiO is fully functional point of sale system, so you can save an order that isn’t quite ready to close yet. Once you’re ready to finish that sale, just select it from a list of open orders.

Cash, Swipe, or Manual
RiO supports a range of transaction types. Your customer can pay by cash, or card (swipe or manually entered).

Electronic Signatures and Tips
RiO’s unique, flippable screen allows customers to sign directly on its big 13 inch screen, while deciding how much tip to add.

Search for a Transaction
Search for an original transaction by order number or date. Once you’ve found one, you can email a copy of its receipt or refund a partial or full amount.

Product Menus
Add a product to your product menu, and it’ll be easy to ring up a customer’s order. Just scan the barcode or select it from your product menu.

Move your inventory faster with discounts. You can create one by amount or percentage.

All Inclusive
Every aspect of payment processing is packed into in a modern, all-in-one unit. RiO features a built-in cash drawer, receipt printer, credit card swiper, flippable touchscreen, customer display, and laser barcode scanner. Just plug it in and you’re ready.

And since you’re with Central Payment, RiO also comes with friendly 24/7/365 support.


Flip that screen over and capture electronic signatures from your customers.


13-Inch Touch Screen
With its 13-inch touchscreen, RiO stops those “finger fumbles” and you won’t accidentally hit a wrong button anymore.

EMV/NFC Compatible
Connect an EMV/NFC reader to RiO and give your customers peace of mind when they process their cards securely through an EMV chip card, Apple Pay® or Android Pay™.

Learn more about : VX520-QRG-XEVA432
Barcode Scanner
Use RiO’s built-in barcode scanner to manage your inventory or quickly ring up a customer’s order.

Absolutely Beautiful
From any angle, RiO is more attractive than any other POS.


Numbers in screenshots come from sample data and does not represent business expectations. Results vary from business to business.
Signatures are simulated and are not representive of any actual person.

Mobile and RiO is under constant development and improvement. Screenshots may show different information than what is currently available.