Verifone VX 680
Carry Countertop Convenience with You
The Verifone VX 680 is designed and ideal for merchants on the go, such as delivery services, stadium vendors, farmers markets, and pay-at-the-table scenarios. Cut the cords, take your payment device with you, and accept payments anywhere with the Verifone VX 680.


For Merchants on the Move

The VX 680 connects to a 3G Network, giving you the power to be wherever you need to be to make those transactions, instead of being tethered to the wall.

Accept Apple Pay® and Android Pay™

With digital wallets becoming increasingly popular, the NFC-equipped VX 680 is ready to accept every smart device it comes across.


Safe and Secure

With end-to-end encryption, PCI PTS 3.0, and EMV, the VX 680 has what you need to battle fraud and keep your customers safe.

3.5-Inch Touch Display

Its big 3.5-inch touch screen makes the VX 680 easy to use and your transactions faster to complete.