Manage Payments in One Place

Your Next Generation Virtual Terminal
Use your browser to take credit card payments.


Your Choice: Manual or Swipe
Manually enter credit card information or use a USB swiper. Unlike other virtual terminals that offer only manual entry, it’s your choice with PayHub.
Sales, Refunds, Voids, Auth Only and Offlines
PayHub’s virtual terminal can do more than just credit card sales. It also can perform refunds, authorizations (for delayed captures) and offline transactions too!

Set Up Recurring Bills
Need transactions on a repeating schedule? PayHub’s virtual terminal has recurring bills built-in, with wide range of scheduling options.


Track Your Customers
PayHub allows you to track each customer. Use that information to learn spending habits and contact them for personal marketing.

Customized to Your Business
It’s easy to to customize PayHub to your business. Enter default shipping and tax rates. Brand receipts with your business name, logo and address.

User Management
Give each of your employees separate logins for your account and manage their permissions.


A Simple Gateway API
Easily incorporate payments into any web or mobile app.

Developing a web or mobile app? Use PayHub’s simple and robust API to build payments into your app with RESTful webservices and JSON or XML encoded messages. PayHub’s tokenized architecture removes PCI scope from your application and code samples are available in Java, C#, PHP and Ruby.


Web Checkout
Easy “Buy Now” Buttons

Whether you’re selling single items, multiple items, or accepting donations, PayHub’s button generator makes it easy for your to get paid online. Just enter in simple information about the item your selling and you’ll get a small block of code to include on your website.

3rd Party Shopping Cart Plugins
A Dozen Options for PayHub Integration

Want to use shopping cart software, like WooCommerce, OpenCart or PrestaShop? PayHub has plugins for a dozen of the most popular shopping cart software. Go ahead and use your preferred third party shopping cart and rest easy to know that it’s integrated with PayHub.

Your Hub for Payments
All Your PayHub Products Work Together

Whether you use PayHub’s virtual terminal, its API, Web Checkout, third party plug-ins or PayHub Mobile, PayHub aggregates all your activity in one place. Each product works seemlessly with PayHub’s virtual terminal.

Learn more about PayHub at PayHub’s website.
Numbers in screenshots come from sample data and does not represent business expectations. Results vary from business to business.
PayHub is under constant development and improvement. Screenshots may show different information than what is currently available.